Sensu is another shirasawanum – Full Moon maple in the same family as Aureum, Autumn Moon, Moonrise and Kawaii. The name Sensu in Japanese means ‘moving fan’. Which describes the dissected fan-like leaves as they blow in the wind. The term dissected is used to describe the lobes of the leaves. What are lobes? They are like the fingers in your hand and the leaf is the hand. New growth is variegated from light green to gold to bronze. Summer color is green, gold and light orange changing to pumpkin orange in the fall and then crimson red. Sensu can handle full sun to partial shade and grows gracefully into a tree of about 6′ tall in 10 years.

A sunnier location guarantees the best leaf color from spring to fall and makes Sensu coveted by maple lovers. Overall Sensu has a compact shape that makes it n excellent choice for a smaller, sunny area. Sensu was developed by Talon for his Flora Wonder Collection at Buchholz Nursery. Once established hardy to USDA zone 5.

Limited availability – Sensu is in high demand and the larger sizes sell out quickly. Two gallon size will be available April/May 2019.

The first photo is showing the beginning of fall color courtesy of Buchholz Nursery – a real stunner.  The next photo shows a close-up of summer leaves and the last photo is Sensu in my display garden toward the end of fall color.