Acer shirasawanum Kawaii

//Acer shirasawanum Kawaii

Acer shirasawanum Kawaii


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Rare and beautiful Kawaii in Japanese means cute – and she really is. Very slow growing and should be grown in a container.

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Kawaii was developed and propagated by Talon Buchholz in Gaston, Oregon. This cultivar is in the ‘full moon’ group of maples – Acer shirasawanum. Kawaii is a slow growing lace leaf cultivar that can reach 4′  in 10 years. However,  this lace leaf does not weep. The branches are not pendulous, but rigid. New growth is pink/red turning to a darker red color with green variegation in the summer months. Words cannot describe the unusual beauty of this rare cultivar, but in Japanese the name means ‘cute’ and that is absolutely true.

The growth habit is compact for a lace leaf that is not a weeper and it is often grafted on a high standard to give it some height which creates a whole new appearance. However, a low graft is perfect for the bonsai enthusiast, as well a more traditional look for this cultivar.  A wonderful addition for a container on a deck or patio.  Once established this cultivar is hardy to USDA zone 5.  Fall color is orange to crimson. Truly a collector’s must.

Limited Availability: 1 gallon size Kawaii are 4 years old and about 10 inches tall.  Slow Growing! Larger high grafted Kawaii are available at the nursery as they cannot be shipped. Two 3 gallon and four 6 gallon Kawaii are available at the nursery for $150 each.

Very Limited Availability

The first photo is courtesy of Talon Buchholz showing  fall color. The second photo is a 2 gallon Kawaii in our inventory. The third photo shows a close-up of the leaves and the wonderful color.

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