Acer palmatum Tsuma gaki

//Acer palmatum Tsuma gaki

Acer palmatum Tsuma gaki


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Tsuma gaki is a wonderful dwarf maple for a semi-shady location providing color 6 months of the year.

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Acer palmatum Tsuma gaki has new leaves that emerge yellow with a red border around each. During the summer the leaves change to darker greens, reds and gold. Fall colors range from gold to light red and finish with dark scarlet. Tsuma gaki is not a large growing maple – in 10 years the tree may reach 7′ to 8′ tall. Some staking is required as the weight of the leaves on new branches creates a pendulous habit and without support the maple shape will be short and wide. With support the maximum height is 8′.  Care should also be taken to prune the long lateral brances to allow them to strengthen and grow more upright. Additional information is available at Pruning Japanese Maples. 

Acer palmatum Tsuma gaki is a striking  maple that is easy to grow and therefore, a good choice for a individual experimenting in growing maples for the first time. Overall the size and shape make it highly desirable for a small garden or deck/patio container. Morning sun with afternoon shade is important. With too much afernoon sun the leaves turn more red and may burn which makes it less desirable.

The best time to purchase your Tsuma gaki would be early spring when the buds are forming, but have not yet opened –  just before the leaves begin to show in the spring. Once established this cultivar is hardy to -20 degrees USDA zone 5.

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The first two photos show the lovely yellow leaves with red edges – new growth that is spring color and early summer. The last photo shows fall color – crimson red courtesy of Buchholz Nursery.

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