Tiger Rose is a medium sized maple with a vase growth habit – this ‘V’ growing style is common among Japanese maples. So this maple requires little pruning to keep it looking it’s best.  New growth can show a rose-pink blush on the distinctive light green colored leaves. Summer color is light green with visible green veins known as reticulation. The leaves are deeply dissected which makes them look more lacy and soft with pendulous branches that sway in the wind.  In most years this maple shows flowers which become seed pods [called samaras].

Tiger Rose was found by Dr. Bump of Forest Grove, Oregon and named after his wife Rose and it is a nice maple for a smaller garden or space with part shade afternoon. Slow growing and very graceful.

As with other variegated maples, some shade in hot afternoon sun is necessary. Tiger Rose may reach a height of 6-8′ in 10 years. Maximum height is 10′ tall and about 7′ across with a slightly pendulous habit.  Once established this cultivar is hardy to USDA zone 5.

The first photo shows spring color. The second photo shows early fall color of the maple in our display and the last photo shows final fall color. The last photo is courtesy of Buchholz Nursery.