Acer palmatum Summer Gold is originally from Italy.  The leaves of Summer Gold are a pleasing yellow and light orange in the spring.  Gradually, they turn to a darker yellow in the summer with red tints if grown in more sun. In the fall the color of the leaves begins as yellow-gold then the leaves evolve to pink-orange and then to scarlet red. The evolution in color from spring through summer yellow to fall is especially beautiful. Summer Gold is one of my favorite yellow-leaf maples. The growth habit is more tree like than most maples and it can reach up to 10′ tall and 5′ wide in 10 years.  In cooler climates Summer Gold can handle full sun, but with hot summers morning sun with afternoon shade is best.  Once established hardy to -20 degrees – USDA zone 5.

Some pruning is recommended for Summer Gold and all maples when the maple is young to form the desired structure of the tree and like all maples good drainage is very important. Clay soil requires planting in a raised bed above the clay or on a small mound. See more information about dealing with clay soil in Planting Japanese Maples

For maple collectors or as we call ourselves maple-addicts I would like to recommend a wonderful Facebook Group – Japanese Maples and Conifers.  This is a group of knowledgable maple enthusiasts with a wealth of good information and like-minded naturalists.

The first photo shows the summer color of the leaves. The yellow color of this cultivar is very rare summer color for maples. The last photo captures the colors of fall. All  photos were taken at the nursery.