Acer palmatum Shojo no mai

//Acer palmatum Shojo no mai

Acer palmatum Shojo no mai


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Shojo no mai  is a variegated pink and white Japanese Maple with vivid color that can handle full sun.

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Shojo no mai  is a variegated cultivar similar to Beni schichihenge in variegation – however, the colors of Shojo no mai are much more vivid than that of the Beni. The variegation is pink and cream on green. Throughout the spring and summer the ratio of pink and cream changes so that at any one time the dominance of the color makes the maple seem more cream colored or pink. Both Beni and Shojo grow in the classic “V” shape which is an elegant branching structure. The branching is more open which allows the wind to blow through. As an added bonus both of these variegated maples can handle mostly sun. A medium sized maple with a moderate growth rate may reach 10′ in 10 years.  Once established this cultivar is hardy to -20 degrees – USDA Zone 5.  Fall color is orange to crimson. Shojo no mai displays changing leaf color from spring through fall and makes it a great focal point for a garden. For information see Care and Maintenance of Japanese Maples.

Limited availability – I sold out last year, but I now have 1 gallon Shojo no mai maples that will be ready in April/May 2019.

The first photo of Shojo no mai shows the beautiful variegated foliage of the summer. The next two photos show variegated leaves during summer and finally the last photo shows the beginning of fall color – scarlet red. First and last photos courtesy of Buchholz Nursery.

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