Purple Ghost is a dark purple beauty that is a medium sized tree around 12′ tall and wide. It’s another in the Ghost series developed by Buchholz Nursery.

The new growth ranges from lavender to dark purple depending upon the sun or shade location. With more sun the leaf color is dark purple changing to a lighter purple hue in the summer. Secondary growth in late summer is once again a strong purple color. The reticulated leaves often appear ruffled. The term reticulated relates to the visibility of the veins in the leaves.  In the fall the leaves turn to a brilliant purple red.

Purple Ghost is a relatively fast growing maple with a growth habit more like a tree than a bush. Height in 10 years is 12′ and with a 8′ wide canopy. Once established this cultivar is hardy to -20 degrees – USDA Zone 5. A collector’s must.

The first photo shows the dark purple leaves in spring. The second photo shows a 3 gallon Purple Ghost as part of my inventory – photo taken in June.