Acer palmatum Koto no ito is a dwarf green leaf maple with a lot of character. Koto no ito in Japanese means ‘Harp Strings’ because of the thin leaves. It is also nicknamed the ‘Dancing Monkey Tree’ because the leaves hang down and whip around when the wind blows. Another great characteristic of this maple is the change in leaf size as the maple matures. The newest leaves emerge fatter compared to the older leaves on lower branches. As the maple ages, subsequent leaves become thinner, more linearilobum in nature. Koto no ito can handle full sun to partial shade.

Considered a dwarf – Koto no ito grows to around 6′ tall and 4′ wide in 10 years. The growth habit is like a ‘vase or V-shape’. The lovely green summer leaves evolve from ¬†gold to orange to scarlet in the fall. This small shapely maple is ideal for a small garden or patio container. If you look closely at the photo on my website Home Page you will see my Koto no ito directly behind the Buy Online Button. Once established this cultivar is hardy to USDA zone 5.

My first photo is the same lovely maple on my home page. I think I took this photo very early in the spring when the leaves had just filled out as it looks perfect. The second photo is the same maple a little later in the summer and the next shows the beginning of fall color which transitions from pink to orange and then red My last photo is a 1 gallon as part of my inventory.