Hino tori nishiki was new to Eastfork in 2016. This is my third year with this new cultivar, unfortunately I sold out in 2018. This maple has a pink flush of new leaves in the spring then the pink fades to a combination of light pink and light orange with yellow tints – very stunning. Gradually the leaves change to light green and fall color is yellow to orange. As with other maples with spring leaves that are pink – Corallinum, Shindeshojo, Kawahara Rose, and Beni maiko to name a few, the strong pink spring color is dramatic and in high demand.

The growth habit is upright and height may reach 10′ in 10 years.  As with any new cultivar the branching must be studied and pruned to find the most optimal form. I am selectively pruning to help us identify the best shape – shrub or tree. Once established hardy to -20, USDA zone 5.

Limited Availability – I am sold out.

The first photo shows the strong pink color of new growth. The second and third photos show the change to light orange, pink and yellow. The last photo shows a 3 gallon Hino evolving from spring to summer green.