Acer palmatum First Ghost is the initial cultivar in the ‘Ghost Series’ developed by Talon Buchholz Nursery in Gaston, Oregon. This maple has spring leaves that are nearly white and reticulated with red edges around each leaf.  All of maples in the Ghost series have reticulated leaves – the visibility of the veins in the leaves which can be said to be the skeleton-like structure of the maple – hence a ‘ghostly’ one. The red slowly fades and in the shade the leaves remain mostly white with visible veins. Often during the summer the whitish leaves seem more green or even somewhat yellow and then in August there is generally a flush of new growth before the temperatures get cold and the days get shorter. This environmental change causes stress in the maples so they begin to change to fall color. For First Ghost this begins with yellow turning to orange and finally crimson.

First Ghost prefers morning sun and afternoon shade. A relatively slow growing maple – First Ghost may reach 5′ in 10 years with a spread nearly as wide.  The whitish green leaves provide a focal point in a shady garden.  First Ghost also makes a wonderful container plant for a covered deck or patio.  Once established hardy to USDA zone 6.

The first photo is my First Ghost  specimen maple during the late summer 2017. The next photo shows spring leaves on a 2 gallon First Ghost in my inventory and the other two photos show my specimen maple change to fall color.