Acer palmatum Fireball is another new Japanese Maple for my nursery. This could be a dwarf/miniature Fireglow, but more shrub-like. Small leaves are purple-red in the spring and holding this color through the summer and finishing with a fantastic dark scarlet red. Discovered as a witch’s broom from a red leaf maple this little cutie prefers all day sun, but some shade is acceptable. A minimum of 5 hours of direct sunlight is necessary to hold the purple-red color  in the summer. Without sufficient sun – red leaf maples evolve to green tones known as greening-out.

If you are looking for a small maple as a focal point in your garden – this little cutie will not disappoint. And with the sun shining on it’s leaves this maple is a real-time fireball.  Good drainage is a must for all maples. In 10 years Fireball may reach 3-4′ tall x 4′ wide. Once established this maple is hardy to -10 degrees USDA zone 6.

Limited availability.

Photos courtesy of Buchholz & Buchholz Nursery. The 3rd photo shows the beginning of fall color.