Fairy Hair looks just like its name – a Fairy with the thinnest leaves of any Japanese Maple. This dwarf is more like a miniature maple – a slow growing maple that is often used in bonsai. Fairy Hair starts with light green leaves in the spring turning to lawn green in the summer and ending in a fall finale – scarlet red. This cultivar is slow growing to 4′ in about 10 years. Fairy Hair is not a good choice for landscape use, but is best grown in a container, unless it is grafted high on standard then it may be large enough for the garden.  What is a graft on standard? Well, that is maple grafter language for growing root stock 18″ to 30″ tall and straight and then grafting a maple near the top. By doing it this way a small maple can achieve some height. The technique is often used for weepers to get them tall enough to weep without staking. Once established this maple is hardy to -10 degrees – USDA zone 6.

Fairy Hair is another introduction from Talon at Buchholz Nursery for his Flora Wonder Collection.  I think Talon made a great choice for the name. He told me the original Fairy Hair reached 4′ in 20 years. 

Limited availability.

Photos courtesy of Buchholz Nursery.