Acer palmatum dissectum Waterfall

//Acer palmatum dissectum Waterfall

Acer palmatum dissectum Waterfall


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Waterfall is a lovely green lace leaf maple that is a perfect accent for a water feature.

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Waterfall is a green lace leaf weeping maple similar to Viridis. The new growth is light green turning to strong green in the summer. The green bark is a beautiful accent to the overall appearance of the maple therefore staking is recommended to create a canopy or umbrella appearance. Strong summer green turns to orange in the fall. Waterfall is a moderate to fast growing cultivar reaching 5′-6′ tall and wide in 10 years.

Perfect as an accent to a water feature or pond – or grown in a patio container. Once established this cultivar is hardy to USDA zone 5.

Limited availability – the remaining Waterfall maples are large and over 6 years old.

First photo shows a 3 gallon Waterfall in June that has been shaped. The second photo shows the Waterfall planed in my display garden. The last photo shows Waterfall with fall color in the greenhouse.

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