Hana matoi is a very rare variegated lace leaf weeping maple with very fine leaves. Strong pink, cream and green leaves are more defined than those of Toyama nishiki which may be its parent. As an added bonus the new bark is yellow. The yellow color is stronger when the temperature is colder and it fades during the summer months.

Hana matoi is a strong weeper with lots of pink and cream color. ¬†This maple needs to be staked for height to look its best. It is a moderate¬†grower for such a spectacular and showy maple. This maple can reach at least 4′ tall with staking. Morning sun with afternoon shade is recommended. However, I planted my Hana matoi in full sun, which brings out more pink in the variegation. A wonderful addition to a home garden or patio container. This rare and hard to find maple is hardy to -10 degrees – USDA zone 6 once established. A collector’s must.

The photo [May 2011] is a Hana matoi specimen in our display garden – magnificent isn’t it! Second photo shows close-up of the leaves.