Acer palmatum dissectum Filigree

//Acer palmatum dissectum Filigree

Acer palmatum dissectum Filigree


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Filigree is the best small green lace leaf weeping maple for a semi-shady a garden or near a water feature partly because it is slow growing.

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Filigree as the name implies is a feathery green lace leaf maple that grows slow and tight, which means it is not a big weeper. In fact, Filigree is one of the smallest of the dissectum group. Dissectum means the lobes are deeply cut. What’s a lobe you say? Actually its like a finger on a hand. Most maples have between 3 and 7 lobes.

Early spring color is light green which holds through most of the summer before changing to yellow and finally gold before dropping its leaves. Like many other lace leaf maples the green leaves are reticulated – that is the leaves have visible veins. In cooler climates this maple may be able to handle mostly sun, but to be on the safe side – shade in the afternoon is best. Ideal for a small garden or water feature because it is slow growing.  Many prefer Filigree over Viridis and Waterfall for a smaller shady area because of its size or maybe because there are less leaves to clean-up.

Photo shows a close-up of the leaves of  a Filigree in my inventory.

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