Ariadne is the perfect maple for a smaller, partial-shade garden. Placement in a location with morning sun and late afternoon shade would be best to show its pastel colors. However without enough sun the leaves remain mostly light green with reticulation – dark visible veins. A relatively slow growing maple she may reach 6′ high and 4′ wide in 10 years.

Spring foliage is a hot pink which evolves to various pastel colors. The leaves are lovely with colors of rose, pink, lavender,  light yellow and light green. In the fall the leaves change again to a hot pink before evolving to crimson. Like many Japanese Maples Ariadne tends to occasionally send out long shoots that do not fit the structure of the maple. These should be pruned back for balance. I get numerous questions from maple lovers about long 3-4′ shoots and what should they do? First I say don’t leave them like that – learn to prune. I recommend checking out Pruning Japanese Maples.

Developed in the Netherlands, Ariadne is the name of  the nurseryman’s granddaughter.  Once established this cultivar is hardy to USDA zone 6.

Photos  taken in our display garden show the many color variations of Ariadne – from creamy white, pink and lavender to light green and finally a crimson finish in the fall.