Shipping Policy – U.S. Contiguous States 

Eastfork Nursery ships all of its maples in the containers they were grown in. I do not take the soil off the roots and put them in a plastic bag.  Shipping in a container costs more for the weight and size of the box, but I believe the investment in this shipping practice provides for a healthy start to growing your maples. I will ship maples during months and weeks of the year that are safe for transporting the maples. I guarantee my maples will arrive in good condition. Please see my Guarantee and Return Policy. For this reason I have become a ‘Master Packer’ and very conscious of heat and cold conditions as my maples travel across the U.S. If the climate does not permit the safe shipping via FedEx Home Delivery for a particular week then I will delay shipment until the weather is more suitable. Effective May 1, 2021 Eastfork Nursery will not longer guarantee maples delivered via FedEx Home Delivery beyond the 3-day shipping zone. This means that customers in on the East Coast, Northeast or Southeast must pay for 3-day FedEx Express shipping to have their maples guaranteed. If  delivery delays cause the loss or damage of a maple(s) the responsibility is not assumed by Eastfork Nursery. We are not responsible for factors outside of our control. Please see Guarantee and Return Policy.

Temperatures in the 90s and above can have a drastic affect on maples packed within a box. Conversely, the roots of maples will die at 16 degrees F. This is a danger for maples in pots and boxes, but not maples planted in the ground. If  shipping delays are lengthy I will offer the customer the option to wait until the weather is more moderate or get a refund.

Eastfork Nursery does not ship maples in the winter months when they are dormant, except on a case-by-case basis. We prefer to ensure that the maples break dormancy in the spring and show new buds before shipment. Some cultivars require that we hold shipment until the leaves are visible, such as Ukigumo. If the leaves do not show white variegation then it will not be shipped.

Acer palmatum Mayday can loose all of its leaves or even die if kept in a box for a lengthy period of time. If the shipping distance between the nursery and customer is over 3 days via FedEx Home Delivery then FedEx 3-day Express Delivery will be required. The customer is responsible for the increased cost associated with this shipping method. If the added cost is unacceptable to the customer – the order will be cancelled and the payment refunded, less any PayPal or credit card fees.

Additionally, the box size and weight determine the cost of shipping FedEx Home Delivery which is my preferred carrier. I generally ship two maples to a box if they are 2 or 3 gallon size. Sometimes a maple is too large to safely pack with another maple so in that case it will be shipping separately in its own box. I have tried to set up my shipping fees to cover my costs of shipping and supplies. If the amount charged to the customer is in excess of the amount I need to cover my costs I will refund the difference. Conversely, if the size of the maples require additional boxes I may request additional funds from the customer. For Mayday maples, explained above, 3-day Express delivery costs may be added to the order. Alaska and Hawaii will be charged at higher rates that reflected in a purchase order. If there is a problem with additional shipping fees, I reserve the right to cancel and refund the order. 

I allow customers to pre-order maples in the winter months. These are paid-in-full orders that I label with the customer’s name and hold until the appropriate shipping time. Generally, in warmer zones I begin shipping mid-March. I will hold a customer’s maples until I am advised they are ready to receive their maples – sometimes this can be as late as May. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Sam, the Maple Lady


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